Massage appointment: What to Expect

  • As you arrive you will be greeted by one of our team members. We ask that you arrive only 5 minutes early to fill out any new paperwork if applicable, use the restroom, or go over any changes to your health history.


  • Your designated practitioner will greet you and bring you back to their designated treatment room. Here they will go over your Intake form, any questions you have and what you would like to achieve out of the session, then step out of the room for you to change.


  • We ask that you please "dress down to your comfort level". (This means that you will undress to what you are comfortable, for example, some are comfortable in their undergarments and others are comfortable fully disrobed). Your practitioner will finish explaining any details such as starting face up/down, to please be under the sheet, and will step out of the room for you to do so. They will knock upon re-entering. 


  • Please also remove any jewelry, bracelets, watches as we do not want them to interfere with the areas being worked on.


  • You will be completely covered under a sheet and light blanket throughout your session. The only area exposed will be the area your practitioner is working on. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for any misconduct. 


  • Throughout your session your practitioner may ask you how the pressure is. Please do not hesitate to speak up. We are here for you! If the pressure is too much, just ask up to ease up a little. If enough pressure is not being applied, please also inform your practitioner you would like more pressure. 


  • After your session is over, your practitioner will step out of the room and wait for you to re-open the door. They will give you a refreshing glass of water, go over any questions or goals for you and walk you to the front feeling better than ever.