Skincare + More

Not sure where to begin? Our Estheticians recommend to start with our Signature Facial, this facial is the basis that we can add on to with our amazing add ons to fully customize to your specific needs. 

Mini Facial $65

Add a little extra to your massage or just need a quick skin refresher on your lunch break? This thirty minute service will leave you glowing in the nick of time.  

Classic Facial $110

Rejuvenate your dull tired skin with a customized facial to fit your needs. This includes a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation, custom mask and a facial massage with ultimate hydration.

Deep Pore Cleanse $180

Give your skin the deep clean it needs! Recommended every 8-12 weeks to continually clean out and refine those clogged pores faster than you created them. Enjoy the benefits of a Hydradermabrasion Treatment (exfoliating, cleansing, and infusing of products simultaneously), pain free extractions (Yes! Pain free!), gentle buffered peel (exfoliates on the deeper levels of the skin), and a vortex infusion of multi-peptides and 6 types of hyaluronic acid, topped with our Intensive Aftercare Hydrojelly Mask. 

The Revival $145

This ninety minute skin pampering facial will have you glowing and feeling revived. Take this extra time to give your skin what it really needs. 

Microdermabrasion $125

This popular mechanical exfoliation helps treat light scarring, sun damage and stretch marks by removing the thicker uneven outer layer of the skins surface. Every 2-4 weeks are recommended for maximum results. 

Hydrojelly Facial $130

We offer a variety of Hydrojelly Masks that benefit your skin care needs. This ingredient driven facial is a packed with targeted nutrients while locking in the essentials. As we peel off this amazingness it will reveal a beautiful glow to your skin.

Exfoliating Back Facial $125

A cleansing treatment that targets the number one hard to reach spot. This exfoliating treatment helps to clear out clogged pores while easing back tension, leaving your back feeling fresh.

Upgrade your back treatment with: 

Hydrojelly Mask $30

Waxing Services

Brow $17

Lip $11

1/2 Leg $35

Full Leg $60

Chest/Back $65

Bikini $40

Brazilian $50

Underarm $20

1/2 Arm $25

Full Arm $40

Henna Brow Tint $40

Henna Brow Wax + Tint $55

Lash Lift and Tint 

What is a Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent treatment that enhances your natural lashes making them appear fuller and longer. Using specialized tools, our technicians will give your lashes a more noticeable curl without the use of a lash curler. *Effects last approximately 4-6 weeks.


What is Lash Tinting?

Lash tinting gives your lashes a mascara colored effect without the hassle of clumping your lashes together. This service if great if you are looking for a darker look or just to give your lighter colored lashes more depth. 

Lash Lift $85

Lash Tint $40

Lash Lift and Tint Combo $100

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are a great way to transform the skin in a non-invasive way with remarkable results.

What is a Chemical Peel exactly?

A chemical peel is an acid or enzyme (sometimes both) that exfoliates your skin by removing dead surface skin cells, clearing out pores, and stimulating healthy cells to the surface. You can see both immediate and long-term results. As soon as the acid used in a chemical peel comes in contact with your skin, it begins to help shed dead surface skin cells and encourages newer cells to rise to the surface. Skin is almost immediately given a more radiant and luminous appearance

A Peel for everyone with different needs:

There are many different types of chemical peels that specifically target different skin needs, so you can rely on some type of peel to deliver the type of results you’re seeking.

  • Deep peels to help improve very rough and coarse skin, scarring, deep wrinkles and severe photoaging.
  • Chemical peels are also used to address dark spots, melasma, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, and include ingredients that help soften wrinkles and fine lines, increase cell turnover, improve overall tone and boost collagen. 

Where do I start?

  1. 1st appointment: Consult and Prep. Our estheticians will evaluate your skin concerns, start you on an Enzyme Treatment of either our Signature or Ormedic Lift and recommend pre-home care and develop a plan for your needs and desired results.
  2. 2nd appointment: 2 weeks later. Your repair process has already begun. We will perform our peel treatment to your skin care needs/goals.
  3. Your Esthetician will continue your series based on your needs as well as post treatment care.
  4. Be sure to pre-book out your series of treatments for best/consistent results.