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  • Never had a massage before? Not sure what to expect? Check out our "What To Expect Tab" before going any further.
  • What is a Swedish Massage? Our Swedish Massage is a full body customized relaxing massage.
  • What is a Therapeutic Massage? Our Therapeutic Massage is a customized full body massage that helps reduce stress, relieve pain, and work on specific areas of concern.
  • What is a Deep Tissue Massage? Deep Tissue does not always mean deep pressure. Deep Tissue aims to decrease chronic muscle tension by using slower strokes and deeper pressure on tense areas. This usually involves some breathing techniques from the client to aid in tension release. 
  • What is a CBD Massage? Our CBD Massage is a combination of therapeutic and deep tissue strokes while utilizing our CBD Massage Oil. (this is safe for anyone who gets tested)
  • What is included in a Couples Massage? Our Couples Massage is a full body customized massage to fit your individual needs while enjoying the company of your partner/friend/bestie, etc in the same room. You are welcome to add any of our upgrades to enhance your massage (See "Massage Tab"). 
  • Whats is a Hot Stone Massage, will they burn me? No our hot stones will not burn you. Our hot stones are heated to a monitored temperature that is comfortable for our trained massage therapists to handle. They alternate between the hot stones and their hands to give you the ultimate relaxation.
  • What do I wear? We always recommend "to your level of comfort", which truly means however you feel comfortable. Most undress to only their underwear/boxers. You will be covered under a full sheet so nothing will be exposed when lying face up or down. We do recommend if you do leave on any garments to be aware our massage product such as oil may get on them and there is no guarantee it will come out nor are we responsible for it.
  • I recently got sunburned, can I still get my massage? Absolutely NOT. We understand you might be here on vacation however when booking an appointment with us we do ask that you remain responsible in the sun if booking an appointment with us. Getting a massage while sunburnt or skin peeling off is not ideal/comfortable for either client or massage therapist. 
  • What is a SugarFoot/Salt Scrub? Heaven for your feet! We wrap your feet in warm  towels, exfoliate the bottoms of your feet/heels with our seasonal scrub, re-wrap with warm towels to take off the scrub then massage with a soothing shea buttercream to happily moisturize your feet. 
  • I think I have a cold coming on/I am just getting over being sick, should I get a massage to feel better? We HIGHLY RECOMMEND NO! If you think you have a cold or something coming on, massage can exacerbate the underlying issue. You will also be putting us at risk (not cool). If you are just getting over being sick, we recommend waiting 7-14 days after being sick to come in for a massage. There can still be some lingering sickness in your body and massage may re-activate whats in there. 
  • I just got Botox, how long should I wait for massage/facial services? We recommend a minimum of 2-4 weeks before any services. You paid good money to get that in your body whether for aesthetic or medical reason and we do not want to move that stuff around. 
  • I just got a shot, injection, vaccine, etc.., can I come in for services? We recommend a minimum of 72hrs post any shot, injection, vaccine, etc. This is because you want your shot, injection, vaccine, etc to do what it needs to do, in the area it was put in. Massage can increase fluid movement which would move those things through your body. Let's let the medicines, etc do its job first.