The next generation of Hydradermabrasion.

HydraFacial combines deep cleansing, chemical exfoliation, painless extractions, deep hydration and rejuvenation all in one session with no downtime. The results are priceless with 6+ treatments all in one. Are you ready to get started on your journey to healthy glowing skin?

Platinum HydraFacial 

The full Detox. This treatment is full of transformation. The Platinum experience takes it one step further in the treatment process by combining detoxifying Lymphatic Drainage with customized boosters for targeted skin concerns and blue or red LED for an "all the bells and whistles" approach to skin rejuvenation. 

Deluxe HydraFacial 

When you are ready to move from preventative to corrective, Deluxe is your HydraFacial of choice. This treatment is bliss! With the addition of personalized treatment options/boosters to target specific skin concerns partnered with relaxing and rejuvenating blue or red LED. 


Signature HydraFacial

In 30 minutes experience the magic of a deep cleanse, exfoliation, pain free extractions, and leave glowing like a Krispy Kreme Glazed Donut! This treatment is made for the entrepreneur on the go. 

HydraFacial Body Treatments:

Neck and Décolleté 

Stand alone price: $150

Add-on with HydraFacial: $100



Stand alone price: $79

Add-on with HydraFacial: $55



Stand alone price: $199

Add-on with HydraFacial: $139



Stand alone price: $250

Add-on with HydraFacial: $215


Lip or Eye Perk

Individual price: $40

Both treatments $75



How to see the best long lasting results:

  • We recommend that your first 3 treatments are spaced a bit closer to really jump start your results; approximately every 4-5 weeks. 
  • While the HydraFacial gives you instant results, they are also cumulative so the more often you do them, the healthier your skin will look an feel. 
  • Memberships are offered for your convenience to continue your skin health journey and save money. 
  • Most skin results don't happen overnight. To that point, it will take us time and diligence to make the improvements you are looking for. This is why we recommend your first few treatments so close together as well as at home care. With consistent treatments and appropriate take home product you can maintain the treatment benefits while maximizing results. 

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Botox/Fillers: HydraFacials compliment your botox and fillers as long as the HydraFacial is performed BEFORE the botox/filler
  • Please wait a minimum of 3-4 weeks AFTER receiving any kind of facial injections to receive a HydraFacial. We want what they put in there to stay where it's supposed to be!